„Where the rhyme never limps!”

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Krisztián Kancsár. During my career I had been working as a radio host, a tour guide and an among other things I worked as an event and program organizer as well.

It is a pleasure for me working with lots of different people because in doing so we can mutually learn great things from each other.

I have always been a true believer of rhymes since I’m honestly convinced that they have extraordinary effect not only on our ears but on our souls as well

I have been participating in weddings for more than 10 years mostly as a best man. It started with a request of a good friend of mine and the process has been ongoing ever since.

Primarily I work with personalized and unique rhymes to increase the positive effects on your wedding day, but this is only a part of my service. In addition, I help you with the planning and organizing of the wedding and I personally and verbally take care of the implementation of the schedule during your Big Day.

Trust and continual discussion is particularly important for me since these factors are essential for the easy and still efficient cooperation between us.

„Personalized phrases in a form of something new, for and about both of You!”